Will the actors touch me?
  • Our actors are here to scare you, not to touch you. 
  • Due to the small spaces an actor may accidently brush up against you or bump you slightly. If you have any concerns please bring it up to our staff. 
  • Do not touch our actors or you will be removed from the attraction without refund. We have Rangers present during our event at all times.

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1. Do I need to attend a volunteer orientation prior the actual event?
2. What time do participating volunteers need to arrive at the Haunted Trails?
3. Why is your arrival time two hours prior to gates opening?
4. What is the time participating volunteers can expect to be done?
5. What is your policy on cell phone usage?
6. How old must participants be to volunteer?
7. What should participating volunteers wear?
8. What if a participating volunteer is injured?
9. How do participating volunteers receive their community service forms?
10. What happens if a participating volunteer disobeys one of the rules?
11. What issues should volunteers be aware of?
12. Where are you located?
13. Where do I park?
14. When is the event?
15. How late can I show up?
16. If it is raining or bad weather?
17. How much does it cost?
18. Do I still need to pay even though I am not going through the Haunted Trail or Too Cute Too Spook Trail or Treat Trail?
19. Do you accept credit cards or ATM cards?
20. What should I wear?
21. Are costumes allowed?
22. How scary is the haunted trails?
23. Can kids go through the haunted trails?
24. Is it safe?
25. Will the actors touch me?
26. Are there refunds offered?
27. Are there strobe lights and fog machines?
28. Is the haunted trail wheelchair accessible?
29. Is Too Cute Too Spook Trick or Treat Trail wheelchair accessible?
30. Does the event have security?
31. Can we be thrown out of the Trail for any reason?
32. Is smoking allowed?
33. Do you sell beverages and snacks during the event?