What if I get lost?

If you get lost, call 423-209-5350 and reference a bunker number or landmark to help park staff locate you.

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1. What are the park hours?
2. What are the visitor center hours?
3. Does Enterprise South Nature Park have overnight accommodations, campsites, etc. ?
4. How many kiosks are in the park?
5. Can I get a map at a kiosk?
6. What if I get lost?
7. What is the easiest trail to hike?
8. Are hikers allowed on the bike trails?
9. Can I take my dog on the bike trail?
10. How does Atlas Mountain Bike Trail work?
11. Are the pet waste stations free?
12. Are there trashcans available for pet waste disposal?
13. Can I reserve a picnic area?
14. Is grilling allowed?
15. Can I remove vegetation or wildlife from the park?
16. Can I go inside a bunker?
17. What were the bunkers used for?
18. Do your water fountains have a bottle refill station?