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November 22, 2020 8:30 AM

Parks implement Hamilton County Health Directive #4 and Tennessee Pledge

The Parks and Recreation Department continues to modify operations to implement the latest guidance from state and local authorities to slow the spread of COVID-19. Following this guidance, we will be following the guidelines set forth in the Hamilton County Health Directive #4 and the Tennessee Pledge at each of our parks.

We ask that the public make themselves aware of these guidelines prior to visiting the parks.

When visiting your parks, we ask that you please act responsibly with regard to social distancing and park capacity.

• Refrain from using parks or trails if you are exhibiting symptoms

• Follow Hamilton County Health Directive #4

• Follow Guidelines in Tennessee Pledge

• Follow CDC’s guidance on personal hygiene prior to and during the use of parks or trails

• Make other users aware of your presence and maintain proper distance at all times

• If you are unable to maintain social distancing, find an alternate location or time to visit your park

Hamilton County Coronavirus Hotline: 423-209-8383

For More Information on Hamilton County Health Directive #4 and Tennessee Pledge Select the Links Below.

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