Boat and Bike Rentals

Rock Creek

Please Contact Rock Creek About All Rentals and Pricing at 423.643.1522

Rentals are available:

April 16 - May 19            Friday & Saturday 11am - 7pm      Sunday 12pm - 7pm

May 19 - August 30       Thursday, Friday, Saturday, & Monday     11am - 7pm                                                          Sunday 12pm - 7pm

September                      Friday & Saturday 11am - 7pm      Sunday 12pm - 7pm

  • Chester Frost Park - located at the Beach Area
    • paddle boards
    • kayaks
  • Tennessee Riverpark - located at the Hubert Fry Center
    • bikes
    • kayaks
    • paddle boards
  • Enterprise South Nature Park - located at Bunker #2
    • bikes

Chattanooga Bicycle Transit System

  • Tennessee Riverpark 
    • bike station
      • located at the boat ramp near the Hubert Fry Center 
      • located at Curtain Pole near the bathrooms

If you have any questions about any of these rentals please go to Rock Creek Rental Information Page or the Chattanooga Bicycle Transit System website.

Contacts Us

Chester Frost Park Ranger Station

Phone: 423-209-6894

Tennessee Riverpark

Phone: 423-493-9239

Enterprise South Nature Park

Phone: 423-893-3500