Parking Information

  • Parking lot 1: Trailhead at Poe Run Path, water fountain, benches, information kiosk
  • Parking lot 2: Adjacent from Parking lot 1 and visitor center, water fountain, benches
  • Parking lot 3: Off Poe Run Road - Handicap parking, Restroom, Changing Area, Bike repair station, two information kiosks, water fountain, Black Forest Mountain Bike trail head, Gate 10 entrance to paved trails, Hercules bike trail adjacent, bike rack
  • Parking lot 4: Still Hollow Loop - Black Forest Mountain Bike enter/exit
  • Parking lot 5: Still Hollow Loop - Picnic area 1 parking lot
  • Parking lot 6: Still Hollow Loop - TNT Mountain Bike trail head, information kiosk, gate 1, Black Forest Mountain Bike enter/exit
  • Parking lot 7: Still Hollow Loop - Log Rhythm trail head, Restroom, information kiosk, enter/exit TNT Mountain Bike Trail, bike rack
  • Parking lot 8: Still Hollow Loop - Picnic area 2 parking
  • Parking lot 9: Still Hollow Loop - Picnic area 3 parking
  • Parking lot 10: Bunker Hill Loop - Information kiosk, Hawk's Ridge hiking trailhead, ADA accessible picnic area 4
  • Parking lot 11: Connector 3 - Viewing platform parking
  • Visitor Center Parking Lot: Handicap accessible, bike rack, wildflower views, Sunshine hiking trail
  1. Enterprise South Nature Park

    Physical Address
    190 Still Hollow Loop
    Chattanooga, TN 37416

    Fax: 423-893-3501

Water fountain Locations

Four water fountains are located inside the park. Three water fountains are pet accessible. Water fountains are in the locations listed below:

  • Across from parking lot 3 next to Hercules
  • Between Parking lot 1 and 2
  • Visitor Center - ADA accessible

Restroom Locations

Restrooms are located throughout the park. Restrooms are located in the following locations:

  • Connector 3 - ADA accessible
  • Parking lost 3 - ADA accessible
  • Still Hollow Loop - Parking lot 6
  • Visitor Center - ADA accessible

Designated Trash Cans

All leashed pets are welcome at Enterprise South Nature Park. In consideration of all park patrons please be courteous and pick up after your pet and dispose the contents in the trash cans located throughout the park. Eight pet waste stations are located below:

  • Alternate Loop and Deer Hollow Trail
  • Bolder Point and Dogwood Ridge Trail
  • Connector 3 - Poe Run Path
  • Gate 10 - Poe Run Road
  • Hawks Ridge and Lost Hollow Loop
  • Parking lot 2 - at the entrance of Still Hollow Loop Road
  • Picnic Area 5 - Hidden Lake Parking lot 1 - Poe Run Path trail head