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Riverpark Shelter 3

Subfacility of Tennessee Riverpark

Max Occupancy 18


  1. ADA Accessible
  2. Electricity
  3. Grill
  4. Parking
  5. Picnic Shelters
  6. Picnic Tables
  7. Restrooms
For more information you can go to Tennessee Riverpark's page to learn more about Shelter #1 and its rental contract.

If you would like to reserve Shelter #1 you can go to the reservation system to see what day it is available.

  • Has 2 tables, 1 ADA table.
  • Will seat up to 18 people.
  • Restrooms are adjacent from the shelter.
  • Has a charcoal grill.
  • Is wheelchair accessible.
  • Playground is 900ft. (300yrds) away from shelter.
  • Electricity is available.