Boat and Bike Rentals

Rock Creek

  • Chester Frost Park - located at the Beach Area
    • bikes
    • paddle boars
    • kayaks
  • Tennessee Riverpark - located at the Hubert Fry Center
    • bikes
    • kayaks
  • Enterprise South Nature Park - located at Bunker #2
    • bikes

Chattanooga Bicycle Transit System

  • Tennessee Riverpark 
    • bike station
      • located at the boat ramp near the Hubert Fry Center 
      • located at Curtain Pole near the bathrooms

If you have any questions about any of these rentals you can call us or go to Rock Creeks/Chattanooga Bicycle Transit System website.

Contacts Us

Chester Frost Park Ranger Station

Phone: 423-209-6894

Tennessee Riverpark

Phone: 423-493-9239

Enterprise South Nature Park

Phone: 423-893-3500